What’s Up UK? 

What’s Up UK? 

Welcome to the Boardman Grow’s event on Wednesday 10th of November 3pm to 4:30 PM to hear about the UK market situation! What things should a growth entrepreneur consider when entering the UK market? What is the impact of Brexit on business and what should be considered when entering the market? What are the main ingredients for international growth?

At the event, you will hear a market review of the current situation in the UK from PwC UK experts Claire-Victoria Smith, Mike Curran and Panny Loucas.

You will hear the practical experiences of a few growth companies, e.g. Riku Alkio, CEO of Seppo.io gaming platform and Heikki Väänänen, founder of HappyOrNot instant customer and employee experience reporting about going to the UK market. What has been the best lessons in opening the market and what surprised the most? We will discuss and share practical insight and experience on how business scaling can succeed in the UK.

Warmly welcome!

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Our experts:

Mike Curran

Mike is the leader of the PwC Pathfinder team in the UK. Mike has been advising clients on international corporate and personal tax for almost 30 years. Mike has helped many clients determine their strategy for cross border activities and manage the set-up process smoothly from start to finish. Mike also works closely with UK Trade & Industry and various embassies, providing technical support to businesses looking to set up in the UK.


Claire-Victoria Smith

Claire leads the London Pathfinder team, sharing her 20+ years of knowledge and experience with businesses and their owners. Claire has assisted many clients, across various industries, with their international expansion journeys, advising on both corporate and personal tax matters. Claire assists clients not only with the initial expansion phase of their projects, but also on an ongoing basis – be that to take care of annual compliance matters or assist on broader consulting projects.


Panny Loucas

Panny is the lead tax partner on a number of groups with operations in multiple jurisdictions and has over 25 years experience on both international corporate structuring and major compliance projects. Panny is also the Brexit Tax Lead for PwC UK and his main focus areas are assisting clients with their cross-border and domestic structuring of operations and advising on the approach to and resolution of tax authority enquiries.


Riku Alkio

Riku is a founder and CEO of Seppo, a Board Member of EdTech Finland. Seppo is a Helsinki-born EdTech company with branch offices currently in Brazil and in the Netherlands. Seppo is specialized in using gamification both in education and in corporate learning. What does it take to scale up an EdTech solution worldwide and in the UK? Riku will share his insights and learnings from the market.


Heikki Väänänen

Heikki is the founder and executive VP of Growth at HappyOrNot, a company which empowers businesses to improve their customer experience and employee engagement through the innovative feedback management system. HappyOrNot has been going global from its early start and is now present in 135 countries. Heikki will share his insights and key learnings about starting the business in the UK.




For more information about the event, contact Taina Brandstack (taina.brandstack@boardman.fi or 044 019 95 53)

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