The Silicon Valley Experience 2021

The Silicon Valley Experience 2021



A brewing pot of success stories, Silicon Valley produces one epic business tale after another. Many of the most thriving tech and innovation companies have their roots deep within the Silicon Valley mentality that gives room for crazy ideas, breaks cultural boundaries and emphasizes that no company is ever finished.

The Boardman Grow Silicon Valley Experience is nothing less than a journey into the depths of that Silicon Valley way of thinking. Our excursion provides a hilltop view of the latest tech developments, innovations and  key lessons on international team building and leadership. Investors will share their view on the financial sector, and Finnish and Nordic companies will shed light on how they were able to thrive in an extremely competitive and fast-paced market. Participants will have the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurs from Finland and Silicon Valley.

Seminars, events, networking, visits to company head offices as well as research centers and universities are tailored for each groups’ wants and needs specifically. Our previous visits have included Facebook, Google, YouTube, AirBnB, Amazon, Salesforce, Uber Headquarters, PwC, Dottir, Idean, Stanford University and Nordic Innovation House just to name a few, and our goal is to ensure our participants get to experience the most up-to-date and interesting players in the field. Check the 2019 program here!

The Silicon Valley Experience is an excellent intro to the market as well as a vital learning opportunity for everyone seeking to add that “Silicon Valley” factor to their business either in the States or in Europe.


The Silicon Valley Experience consists of two tracks.

The first track is aimed towards growth company entrepreneurs. The program fee for the growth company track is 2800€ (+vat). This entails company visits, day and evening programs, event tickets (excluding possible specified extra tickets),  several dinners and lunches and local transportation during the excursion.

The second track is tailored for top level management. The Executive Track is invitation only.

Bring back your gems of knowledge and inspiration to the North, or deepen your knowledge and try to make it in the epicenter of innovation. Sign up for our Silicon Valley Experience at Boardman or Boardman Grow.

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Contact Boardman’s CEO Taru Lindeman for additional information: or 040 730 3914 


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