Silicon Valley Experience 2018

Silicon Valley Experience 2018

Silicon Valley Experience 2018

SOLD OUT – But you can place yourself in the waiting list in case someone cancels

Are you interested in entering California’s Silicon Valley market or are you eager to find out what you can learn from there regarding leadership and growth to bring back to Finland? Have you considered the valley as an investment location or are you looking for venture capitalist funding or alternatively to learn more about financial management? Silicon Valley is the epicenter for different technologies and innovations. Do you have know-how or a product, where Silicon Valley could act as your platform?

We are once again organizing this coming September 9.-16.9.2018 a unique trip opportunity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The previous week long innovation excursion trips to Silicon Valley have received excellent feedback from participants. The coming program is not only aimed towards growth entrepreneurs but is also being complemented with an “executive track” geared towards larger companies top level management. Our local Boardman partner, Risto Lähdesmäki, is the official Silicon Valley trip host.

Please note that registration to the executive track is by invite only. Please contact Taru,, for more information.



Silicon Valley Itinerary

The trips itinerary is built keeping in mind the participant’s needs and wishes and taking advantage of the contacts found within the Boardman network. The itinerary includes but is not limited the following:

  • Welcome to the Valley introduction- whats hot and whats not!
  • Company visit’s in Silicon Valley to Finnish companies, local growth companies as well as global corporations.
  • Themed round table discussions.
  • University and research center visits (for example Stanford, Berkley).
  • Familiarization with Start-up accelerators and funding possibilities.
  • Common seminars, events and evening get-togethers with local entrepreneurs, leaders, organizations and other influential actors.
  • Completely unique meetings, contacts and networking as well as learning possibilities.

During previous years we have visited: PwC, Bitbar, Pandora, NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, SalesForce, Goodwin Procter LLP, BetterDoctor, Kaiser Research center, Bryan Cave, Idean, SRI International, Tekes Silicon Valley, Nordic Innovation House, Standford University, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Berkley, SAP, Digitalist

Additionally we will also meet with numerous entrepreneurs and business leaders at different joint meetings and dinners.


“Silicon Valley Experience offered the fast lane to understanding how tech-driven business works at the core. But most importantly, it immersed us in the flow and changed the way I think. A major part of the experience was the fantastic group of fellow travelers. Their ideas, experience and ability to reflect made the learning curve even steeper. The trip was truly well organized and easily exceeded my high expectations. Silicon Valley Experience is a must for anyone looking to boost their business with a bunch of new insights.” Antti Apunen, Founder & owner, Ediste Oy

The trip was very well organized and exceeded all my expectations- I could never have believed that for such an agenda there would be such top quality speakers, top level business leaders and opinion leaders. And to top it all off there were also local Finnish start-ups and companies that spent time with us and shared their stories. All trip logistics and scheduling worked wonderfully.”- Mikko Leinonen, Vice President, Head of Customer Experience Management, Tieto

The participants on the trip formed very close bonds. New doors for opportunities were opened to this group of people ranging from access to new customers, to starting joint projects together to creating supporting relations as friends, sparring partners and business partners. The visits on the trip and guest speakers were very high profiled and having the opportunity to meet, get to know and network with them was a one-off experience. Now I have several doors to go knocking on.”- Susanna Rantanen, Founder & CEO, Emine Oy

Fantastic trip, nothing more to add or to take away! I think all Finnish growth entrepreneurs should visit Silicon Valley at least once in their life. I still get the tingling sensation when I think back to how awesome the trip was.” – Teemu Malinen, CEO, Sofokus Oy

“Erittäin mielenkiintoinen ja ajatuksia herättänyt reissu Piilaksoon opetti minulle muun muassa sen mitä rohkea yrittäjyys tarkoittaa ympäristössä, jossa yksi henkiin jäämisen edellytyksistä on uskallus syntyneiden ja jalostettujen ideoiden käytäntöön vientiin. Kaikki yrittävät ja ovat valmiita laittamaan itsensä ja elämänsä likoon. Käynnit ja juttelut niin paikallisten mahtiyritysten kuin suomalaisatustaisten kasvu- ja startup-yritysten edustajien kanssa olivat paljon enemmän kuin mitä osasin reissulta etukäteen odottaa. Ja mikä loistoseura! Suosittelen.” – Riitta Rainio, Business Director, Tulka Oy

“Olen asunut ja työskennellyt lyhyen aikaa Piilaaksossa vuonna 2007 ja usean vuoden ajan matkustanut siellä työni vuoksi. Hetken aikaa kuvittelin siis, että tämä opintomatka ei ole enää minua varten… ja miten väärässä olinkaan. Oli virkistävää nähdä kymmenen vuoden aikana tapahtunut muutos. Piilaakso ei tosiaan ole jäänyt paikoilleen – paitsi auringon ja valoisan asenteen osalta. Ohjelma oli myös ensiluokkainen ja tutustumiskohteemme valittu huolella. Suosittelen lämpimästi.” – Olli Holmström, Toimitusjohtaja, Helsingin Diakonissalaitoksen säätiö sr

Program Package

Reservation package fee: 2500€ + alv 24%

Included in the package is the above mentioned visits and itinerary, dining, event tickets and local transportation

Please note! Registration can only be done to the Growth Company track. Participation in the Executive track is by invite only.

Travel and Accomodation arrangements

We will reserve only accommodations according to the current registration status, but will recommend suitable flights for you to reserve yourself. More information about the hotel arrangements will be published shortly.

Each participant also has the option to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, but then is responsible for arranging their own local transportation to join the group.

For more information and registration, please contact:

Please note: The number of trip participants is limited.