Corporate Digital Crash – What can execs do?

Corporate Digital Crash – What can execs do?

Corporate Digital Crash – What can execs do?

We would like to invite you to the ”Corporate Digital Crash – What can execs do?” event hosted by Boardman and Digipooli on Tuesday 27th of September on 15:00 – 17:00 o’clock to learn why management and board are responsible for the digital security and why it should be a top priority in every organization?

The importance of digital security is constantly increasing as companies continue to digitise their key functions. As a result of this development, digital environments no longer merely support companies’ business operations, but have in fact become essential for them.

At the event you will learn: What board members and management needs to know about digital security, what are their role and responsibilities on the matter and how to ensure that your company is protected? You will hear the core findings of the Digipooli’s research ”The current state of cybersecurity in different sectors” and get insights from concrete case examples. Our experts in the event are Alchemmy’s Director Rob Price, Cyber Engagement Director Erika Suerz and Cyber Operations Director Teemu Eronen from Wärtsilä as well as Jan Segerstam Vice President in Enerim, Managing Director of Microsoft Oy Mervi Airaksinen and Timo Seppälä a leading reseracher from ETLA.

The event is organized as a hybrid. You are welcome to attend to the event via ZOOM or at the Cinea Studios in Kruununhaka, which offers you great networking opportunity with other participants at the end of the event.

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Rob Price – Director, Alchemmy

Rob Price is a Director at Alchemmy and founder of corporatedigital, having created one of the first definitions of CDR in 2018. Rob has a background of utilising emergent technology to deliver a sequence of high-profile work. He was named in the top 50 in the World’s most influential in Digital Transformation 2016, and won awards for UK DevOps and Digital Transformation of the Year for his work in Worldline UK&I & CEE in 2018-19.




Erika Suerz – Director, Cyber Engagement, Wärtsilä

Erika Suerz is a globally-minded professional based in Italy and in Wärtsilä she drives engagement with cyber security culture. Her professional record includes HR Development, management consultancy, digital transformation, culture change and facilitation at the intersection of expertise areas. She is a professional coach, a change management practitioner and a strong believer in co-creation.






Teemu Eronen – Director, Cyber Operations, Wärtsilä

Teemu is Director for Cyber Operations in Wärtsilä Corporation. Cyber Operations’ responsibilities include, among other things, running global Cyber Security Operations Center (SoC) 24/7, Cyber Incident response activities, threat intelligence, forensics as well as in depth risk and cyber assessments. Teemu is located Helsinki, Finland.






Jan Segerstam – Vice President, Enerim Oy

Jan Segerstam is a growth enabler and recognized thought leader in the transforming domain of energy with more than 20 years of experience in business development and transformational change in industry. At Enerim he works together with domain business leaders to provide secure, robust and future proof solutions and services for the energy industry. In development consortia of pan-European projects he works with a comprehensive network of international domain experts and government as well as leading researchers from domestic and international universities to find innovative and growth enabling solutions.



Mervi Airaksinen – Managing Director, Microsoft Oy

Mervi Airaksinen works as a Managing Director at Microsoft Finland since April 2022. Previously Airaksinen has worked as a Managing Director at IBM. She has previously worked also as Cisco’s country manager for Finland and the Baltics. In addition, Airaksinen has worked as the CEO of the IT wholesale company Also Finland.

Airaksinen works actively on the boards of various technology companies. She is a member of National Emergency Supply Agency (Huoltovarmuuskeskus) and Vincit Oyj among others.



Timo Seppälä – Professor at Aalto University and leading reseracher at ETLA

PhD Timo Seppälä works as a working life professor at Aalto University and as a leading researcher at the Institute for Economic Research, ETLA. His expertise is related to companies’ global supply chains, operations management and the utilization of digital technologies in the company’s various businesses. During the last ten years, he has researched especially the platform economy and the technologies connected to it, as well as the breakthrough of the industrial internet and the growth effects of digitalization in Finland. Timo Seppälä has more than 20 years of experience in the board, management and business development roles of several Finnish and international companies.


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