OPEN EVENT: Born Global – Act Local

OPEN EVENT: Born Global – Act Local

OPEN EVENT: Born Global – Act Local

Are you wondering how to create a game plan for a globally successful company? Do you want to learn how to build a dream team to achieve the greatest success for your company? And where can you find the state of mind for global success?

Join us at the Boardman Grow event Born Global – Act Local” on Tuesday, May 23rd from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM to be inspired and learn concrete tips and growth stories from successful entrepreneurs on how to build a globally successful brand.

Our expert speakers include Siamäk Naghian, CEO of Genelec, Tony Honkanen, Director of International Expansion at Wolt, and Evon Blomstedt, Founder and CEO of HUONE, Dirk Hofmann, CEO of DAIN Studios Germany and the moderator Samppa Vilkuna, CEO of Superson.

This will be a hybrid event, with both live and online participation options available. Live participants can join us at Innovation Home Kamppi (Kansakoulukatu 3, 00100 Helsinki), while online participants can join us via VIMEO.

Registration is required in advance, and please note that space is limited for on-site participants. Therefore, we encourage you to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

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At the event, you will hear real-life experiences and growth stories from experts:

Siamäk Naghian – CEO of Genelec

Siamäk Naghian is currently CEO of Genelec, the leading global brand in professional monitoring audio. He joined Genelec in 2005 as Director of Research and Development. In 2010, he was appointed the company’s Deputy CEO and since 2011 he has served as the company’s CEO. He moved to Finland to study in 1986. He holds a Master of Science in Tech, a Licentiate of Science in Tech. and a Doctor of Science in Tech. all from the Helsinki University of Technology, currently known as Aalto University. In 2018, Naghian was named Enterprise Executor of the Year in Finland, and Alumni of the Year at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering in 2020. Prior to joining Genelec, he worked for a long time at Nokia in various positions such as research and development, business development and leadership.


Tony Honkanen – Director of International Expansion, Wolt

Tony has worked at Wolt for almost 8 years and joined as one of the first employees. Since then, Tony has launched Wolt in 7 countries (Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Georgia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Germany). After Germany, Tony lead Wolt’s grocery store, Wolt Market, expansion. In 1,5 years, we launched 84 stores in 20 countries and hired 1200 people. Today, Tony leads Wolt’s 15-person international expansion team which focuses on new country launches, strategy, Wolt Market expansion and new business lines. Before Wolt, Tony lived a normal life. As a youngster, he played football up to the youth national team and gave a try at acting in Salatut Elämät.



Evon Blomstedt – Founder and Group CEO of HUONE

Evon is a battle-hardened entrepreneur. Originally from Malaysia, she has lived in Finland since 2005. HUONE offers businesses a platform for high-quality events and interactions, and since 2012, the concept has won seven awards, including the prestigious Evento Awards’ ’Best Event Venue in Finland’ twice. Evon believes that the hybrid-driven future of work will require more effort from companies on creating ‘quality’ face-to-face time for teams and wider networks on a regular basis. Today, HUONE operates in three countries: Finland, Singapore, and Denmark.



Dirk Hofmann – CEO DAIN Studios Germany and Co-Founder DAIN Studios

Dirk is one of the three founders of DAIN Studios and serves as the CEO of DAIN Studios Germany. DAIN, which stands for Digital, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Insights, offers AI and data consultancy, execution, product development, and data trainings. Dirk’s primary focus lies in assisting companies with data and AI strategy development, data-driven business model development, data ecosystem building, and AI-based service development. He leads efforts in defining and driving transformation, change management, and educational strategy and implementation programs for clients. Dirk holds a Master’s degree in Media Science, Psychology, and Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.



The event is free of charge and aimed especially at growth entrepreneurs and growth managers.

The event is organized in cooperation with Technology Industry of Finland, and PwC.

More information: Taina Brandstack, or +358 44 0199 553