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Asia Excursion 2019

11.03.2019 - 23.03.2019

Next years Asia excursion is now bigger than ever!

Our Asia excursion is a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes three world’s leading economies. We will dive into the investment landscape, startup ecosystem, market entry opportunities and corporate innovation scene of Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

We will meet both Finnish and local entrepreneurs and business professionals, investors, government officials and business leaders. We will network with the relevant ecosystem players and learn concrete lessons on various topics from setting up a business in Asia. The goal is to help understand the business environment of China, Hong Kong and Singapore and build new connections.

You can choose the most suitable trip for you from four different packages:

1. Singapore – Hong Kong – Shanghai 11.3.-23.3.2019  3900€  + VAT 24% (VIP 3200€ + VAT 24%)

2. Singapore – Hong Kong 11.3.-20.3.2019 3300€ + VAT 24% (VIP 2700€ + VAT 24%)

3. Singapore 11.3.-16.3.2019 2200€ + VAT 24% (VIP 1800€ + VAT 24%)

4. Hong Kong – Shanghai 16.3.-23.3.2019 2200€ + VAT 24% (VIP 1800€ + VAT 24%)

More information is coming soon.



Included in the package is the above mentioned visits and itinerary, dining, event tickets and local transportation

We will reserve only accommodations according to the current registration status, but will recommend suitable flights for you to reserve yourself. 

Each participant also has the option to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, but then is responsible for arranging their own local transportation to join the group.

Minimum 10 participants are required to arrange the trip.

Please contact Project Coordinator Anette Vuorenmaa for more information or with any questions you have:, 0503623655


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