Hello 2014, time to see the world!

Hello 2014, time to see the world!

This is my first blog post as the chairman of the board at B2020-network. This is my first blog post altogether in 2014 and it’s a lot considering how many blogs I contribute to. I’m honoured to take on the role at the end of the table for your service.

This is also the first blog post in English in this blog. Let me tell you why. It’s time to go see the world!  We at B2020 have promoted the culture of growth forever. It’s in our DNA and without growth business our society and economy will not last for too long. Our friends within the B2020-network started to wonder last year why our events are only in Finnish, our site has no translation, yet we talk loudly about growth entrepreneurship. We started to think, wait a minute, as if the growth is happening only inside the Finnish boarders!

So from this day forward, this tiger is going to shake off the stripes, see the obvious and start acting accordingly. We are currently translating this site into English, accept blog postings and other material at minimum in English from now on and and incorporate English language into our public events as well. However, I won’t be translating the older blog postings, so please, forgive me that.

With the theme ”It’s time to see the world!”, we have something very exciting in store for you this year. Something for the spring season and something for the autumn, but I’m going to have to keep you guessing for a little while longer until I know I won’t have to eat my words. In the mean time, thank you for following us, attending our events and fostering the culture of growth with us. I welcome you to see the world with us in 2014 and wish you an excellent new year.